Oxford Expression Technologies

Oxford Expression Technologies is a biotechnology company in the recombinant protein expression field, and a recognised centre of excellence for baculovirus expression. OET provides protein expression products, services and consultancy.

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Oxford Expression Technologies

Oxford Expression Technologies’ flashBAC baculovirus expression kits allow you to express superior recombinant protein yields in a shorter time when compared to other expression systems!


Have you tried flashBAC ULTRA or flashBAC PRIME?

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Oxford Expression Technologies

Oxford Expression Technologies specialises in recombinant protein expression systems, in both insect and mammalian cells. With decades of experiences and experience, you know you will get the best results with OET. Mammalian protein expression using BacMAM.

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Oxford Expression Technologies

We offer a custom service for the production of all types of proteins, including virus-like particles (VLPs), in both insect and mammalian cells.

Validating Standards, Custom Antigen and VLP Production


flashBAC Baculovirus Expression Vectors


Cell Culture Media - ESF 921 and ESF AF


Researcher Support, User Manuals, Blog and Tips


OET Products

OET specialises in recombinant protein expression. Our flashBAC range of baculovirus expression vectors have been designed for ease of use, improved recombinant protein expression levels and adaptability to high throughput systems. Supported by an optimised range of transfer vectors, transfection reagents and cell culture media to ensure a powerful and versatile system…

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OET Services

OET provides a high quality, tailor made comprehensive recombinant protein expression service, from gene synthesis to baculovirus production through to protein expression and purification. With over 25 years of experience working with the baculovirus system with clients in academia and in industry we work closely with our customers to meet their targets…

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Expression Systems Media

May 8, 2016

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