Welcome to the Oxford Expression Technologies online shop. You can buy all of our baculovirus expression and insect cell culture products online using a credit card or by submitting a purchase order number. This section also contains further information about all of our items, including links to protocols, safety data sheets, plasmid maps etc. Visit our distributors page to view the full list of OET traders and find your nearest one.

Baculovirus Products

We have a comprehensive range of products to support successful gene expression and protein production in insect or mammalian cells! This includes a range of baculovirus expression kits based on flashBAC, GOLD, ULTRA and PRIME.  We also provide kits based on linear DNA technology - BacPAK6.

Cell Culture Media

We are pleased to offer Expression Systems LLC tried and tested range of insect cell culture media and reagents. We offer the popular serum-free ESF 921™ media in convenient 1 L bottles and can provide significant discounts for purchases of 3 x 1L, 5 x 1L, 10 x 1L and bulk (20L or above) orders. During our extensive in-house testing, we found that the ESF 921™ medium performed well in the culture of Sf21, Sf9 and a range of cells for protein production, and Sf21 and Sf9 cells for virus amplification. OET also offers a range of of Expression Systems supplementary reagents and additives designed to help improve virus infection and protein production. If you would like to discuss discounts for bulk orders or are interested in the custom media option available from Expression Systems,  please contact

Insect Cells

All OET insect cells are ideal for use with both the FlashBAC™  expression system and our other range of baculovirus products. Standard Sf9 cells are best suited for large scale virus amplification and protein synthesis, whilst Sf21 cells are recommended for titre based plaque assay and observation of virus cytopathic effects. In addition to this, the Super Sf9 cell line is engineered for enhanced gene expression of more challenging proteins, including those with unstable or toxic characteristics.

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