Virus titration using plaque assay

Virus titration using plaque assay

This service offers an optimised method, based on the plaque assay, to determine an accurate infectious titre of the recombinant baculovirus stock.

Why is it important to know the titre of a baculovirus preparation?

The viral titre allows infection of the cells to be performed at a known multiplicity of infection (MOI). To achieve maximum production of recombinant protein, an optimal MOI is used. Amplification of virus stocks is also best achieved by using a low MOI to infect cells.

What is a plaque assay?

In the plaque assay, cell monolayers are infected with a serial dilution of the virus stock solution and an agarose overlay is used to restrict the flow of virus. Cells that are infected release progeny virus, however, this only allows infection of neighbouring cells. Lysis of the infected cells produces clear regions or plaques. The plaques are then visualised using a dye such as neutral red.

What other method does OET offer to determine baculovirus titres?

We also offer a quantitative PCR method based on the baculoQUANT system to determine highly accurate titres for fresh stocks.

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