Baculovirus Services

Here at Oxford Expression Technologies all of the recombinant baculovirus services and projects are performed using our very own flashBAC™ baculovirus expression technology that has been modified to provide superior levels of expression for most protein targets. Like all Oxford Expression Technologies contract services the baculovirus projects can cover every step from beginning to end. 

Gene synthesis and cloning

We can arrange the synthesis of any gene for you, and we’ll also work with any plasmid you supply as a starting point.

Generation of recombinant viruses

Recombinant baculovirus is produced following co-transfection of insect cells with a transfer plasmid containing the gene of interest and flashBAC™ baculovirus DNA. The recombinant virus harvested from the co-transfection is then used to produce a high-titre amplified virus stock.

Optimisation of expression

To maximise yield, optimal multiplicity of infection (MOI) and time of harvest is determined for the protein.

Expression of recombinant protein

Following the optimisation 1L cell cultures are harvested under the best conditions. The protein produced can be purified or shipped direct as crude product.

If the required amount of purified protein from the 1L cell culture did not meet your needs then OET can scale up the production, all the way to 20L using a WAVE machine bioreactor.

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