BacMam expression service – baculovirus expression in mammalian cells

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BacMam viruses can be constructed by OET using the flashBAC™ expression system. This service includes complete optimisation of expression for your protein of interest. BacMam protein expression services offer high quality proteins at a competitive price.

What are BacMam viruses?

BacMams are modified baculoviruses in which a mammalian promoter is used to drive gene expression in mammalian cells following baculoviral transduction. The system can be used to transduce a wide range of mammalian cell lines including HEK293, HeLa, U2-OS, COS and CHO cells. Transduction of mammalian cells with BacMam viruses has been shown to be highly efficient and dose-dependent. Moreover, the ability of baculoviruses to enter mammalian cells means that the transduction can be achieved by simply adding a virus inoculum to the cells.

What are the advantages of the BacMam expression system?

The BacMam system offers several advantages over plasmid based transfection and other virus based gene expression systems. The key advantages include:

Safe – high level of biosafety as baculoviruses do not replicate in mammalian cells

Low toxicity – reduced overt cytotoxicity even at high virus concentration

Efficient – high transduction efficiency maximises gene delivery into cells

Wide host range – a broad range of mammalian cell types can be transduced

Rapid – expression is much faster than generation of stable cell lines

Interested in BacMam expression? Contact us to find out how we can help.