Baculovirus Services

Baculovirus Services

Gene synthesis and cloning We can arrange the synthesis of any gene for you, and we’ll also work with any plasmid you supply as a starting point. Generation of recombinant viruses Recombinant baculovirus is produced following co-transfection of insect cells with a transfer plasmid containing the gene of interest and flashBAC™ baculovirus DNA. The recombinant […]

Co-transfection → recombinant virus

Add-on Services: Gene synthesis and gene cloning Virus stock amplification Titration of virus by plaque assay Titration of virus using qPCR (baculoQUANT) Contact us for more details and advice.

Test & optimisation of expression

A quick test of expression undertaken at 48 hours post-infection will provide a reasonable indication of whether a protein is expressed to reasonable levels or not, however, by varying a number of parameters it is possible to optimise the levels of expression for a particular protein. It is difficult to estimate in advance whether a […]

Titration & Amplification of Virus

Amplification of virus inoculum for experimental work or protein production As part of the service provided to make a recombinant virus, we produce a 50 ml high titre virus stock. This is then used to produce further batches of virus inoculum for protein production. Clients may also send us their virus that they have already […]

Protein Production & Purification

Following optimisation of expression and amplification of the required amount of virus, we can produce your protein in insect or mammalian cells.  The crude biomass (cells or culture medium) can be shipped directly to you or we can purify the protein for you. We can produce quantities from just 1 litre to multiple batches of 10 to […]

Mammalian services

Gene synthesis and gene cloning – We can arrange the synthesis of any gene for you, and we’ll also work with any plasmid you supply as a starting point. Transient expression – The plasmid containing the gene of interest is transfected into the target mammalian cell line and expression levels are determined by western blot. Stable cell […]

VLP Production and Purification

Click here to download Virus Like Particles: PDF Information sheet Need a VLP? Contact us for a discussion about how we could work together Oxford Expression Technologies (OET) is now able to apply its flashBAC baculovirus expression system to vaccine production, particularly in the exciting new field of virus like particle (VLP) vaccines. A virus […]

Virus safe deposit

Virus safe deposit: Safe storage of valuable virus stocks for future use is often of paramount importance! A virus safe deposit can put your mind at rest. OET offers a comprehensive virus safe deposit facility, with an accompanying expression testing service. Initially we will produce a batch of high titre virus inoculum. This will then […]

Project Support

Supply of transfer vector to clone your gene into a transfer plasmid yourself Most transfer plasmids that are compatible with the transfer of the foreign genes into the virus genome by homologous replication are compatible with the flashBAC expression system and an  up-to-date list can be found here. OET provides a number of its own […]

Validated Protein Standards for Antibody Tests

How Will the Service Work? If you have an antibody you wish to have validated independently, simply provide us with information about the protein it binds and we will make a synthetic gene for it to be inserted into a baculovirus expression vector. The protein will also be tagged at either end, usually with a […]

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