How Healthy are your Cells?

Hopefully after the seasonal break your insect cells are still in good health.  Recognizing healthy cells seems a no brainer, but if you haven’t got much experience with insect cells it can be more of a problem.  Experts often talk about “shiny appearances” and “well defined membranes”, which is fine if you know what they mean but puzzling if you are in your first foray into cell culture.  So to

To Heat Treat or Not to Heat Treat Calf Serum, that is the Question?

Ok, so the Bard is probably spinning in his grave at our blatant plagiarism of the script from the “Scottish Play” (it is bad luck to use its real name, apparently).  However, it seems an apt way to introduce the question of whether or not you should heat treat foetal bovine serum (FBS) before using it to propagate insect cells.  Of course, Spodoptera or Trichoplusia spp. cells are mostly grown

Cells at Christmas

So, you have had the Christmas Party and hopefully are looking forward to the holiday season.  Many labs shut down between Christmas and New Year and you may not return until January 4th.  In all the build up to the festive season have you remembered everything?  Aunt Hilda’s bottle of lavender water and Uncle Horace’s box of cigars may be already wrapped and under the tree but aren’t you forgetting

Cell Culture Passage History and Stress

No, not how you feel when the cells don’t behave! This relates to keeping your cell cultures in a happy state. Cell passage history Each time you sub culture your cells you probably faithfully record on the new flask various bits of information such as the name of the cell line, date, the medium used and passage number.  This last item ideally relates to the number of times the cells

Are they Growing? – Beginner’s Guide to Cell Culture

Cell culture may be one of the most routine laboratory tasks, but many times it also proves to be extremely frustrating. Cells grown in the labs are living organisms, and they seem to have the mindset of a moody teenager – happy one moment and extremely upset the very next one. Unfortunately (or fortunately) unlike teenagers they are not able to throw a tantrum and scream out what bothers them.

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