New flashBAC Research Papers

As an innovative, research-driven company with a strong scientific base, we are always very pleased to see the flashBAC system being used in scientific research that has appeared in the literature. Here we present a selection of highly interesting recently published papers where the flashBAC system has been used. These papers demonstrate how the system has been used to express a variety of proteins (including virus proteins, ion channels and ribosomal proteins) for a diverse range of purposes including structural biology, immunology and the study of phosphorylation patterns.

Gene Cloning and Selection Articles

Gritsun, T.S., M.V. Mikhailov, P. Roy and E.A. Gould. (1997) A New, Rapid and Simple Procedure For Direct Cloning Of PCR Products Into Baculoviruses.Nucleic Acids Research. 25:1864-1865. He, T.C., S. Zhou, L.T. da Costa, J. Yu, K.W. Kinzler and B. Vogelstein. (1998) A simplified system for generating recombinant adenoviruses. Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A. 95:2509-14. Kitts, P.A., M.D. Ayres and R.D. Possee. (1990) Linearization of baculovirus DNA enhances

Vector Construction Articles

Bonning, B.C., P.W. Roelvink, J.M. Vlak, R.D. Possee and B.D. Hammock. (1994) Superior expression of juvenile hormone esterase and beta-galactosidase from the basic protein promoter of Autographa californica nuclear polyhedrosis virus compared to the p10 protein and polyhedrin promoters.J Gen Virol. 75:1551-6. Hegedus, D.D., T.A. Pfeifer, J. Hendry, D.A. Theilmann and T.A. Grigliatti. (1998) A series of broad host range shuttle vectors for constitutive and inducible expression of heterologous proteins



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