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titrePLUS flashBAC PRIME ALL-IN-ONE (cat# 100716/100717) combines our flashBAC PRIME DNA and baculoQUANT ALL-IN-ONE kits into one convenient and cost-effective package. In doing so, it allows you to carry out recombinant virus production using our renowned flashBAC™ technology followed by accurate and rapid qPCR titration of your virus stock with baculoQUANT ALL-IN-ONE.

flashBAC PRIME combines the simplicity of the flashBAC™ one step baculovirus expression system with increased recovery and yield of virus like particles (VLPs).  Thus cells infected with flashBAC PRIME induce cell lysis in the late stages of infection which facilitates release and subsequent purification of VLPs (or other proteins) that form in the cytoplasm or nucleus of infected cells. Meanwhile, baculoQUANT™ ALL-IN-ONE is the revolutionary qPCR based baculovirus DNA extraction and quantification kit from OET’s collaboration with Agilent Technologies. Traditionally, baculoviruses have been titrated by plaque assays or antibody based assays that require 3-4 days however the baculoQUANT ALL-IN-ONE kit contains reagents to extract viral DNA and determine accurate titres within hours.

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5 + 100 reaction kit, 24 + 100 reactions