Sf9 Cells

Sf9 Cells


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Sf9 insect cells (cat# 600100) have become the workhorse of the baculovirus expression system, being used worldwide for the production of recombinant viruses and expression proteins. Sf9 cells are a clonal isolate from Spodoptera frugiperda (Fall armyworm) IPLB-Sf21-AE cells. The Sf9 cells are adapted to serum free suspension culture in ESF 921™ media but are capable of conforming to other suitable media types. The cells can be used for transient or stable expression of recombinant proteins; as monolayers for transfection and production of recombinant baculovirus; or for the propagation of baculovirus stocks. Sf9 insect cells can easily be cultured as monolayer cultures in T-flasks, suspension cultures in shake flasks, or scaled up for use in bioreactors.

The cells are prepared from low passage cells (<30 passages in ESF 921™ medium) and supplied in a cryogenic vial containing 1×107 cells. Freezing medium is comprised of 50% fresh serum free medium, 50% conditioned serum free medium and Dimethyl Sulfoxide (DMSO) to a final concentration of 10%.

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