pOET9 Selection Box

pOET9 Selection Box



The pOET9 Selection Box (cat# 200135) enables you to try out all variations of the pOET9 transfer vectors in one convenient kit.  Each pOET9 Selection Box contains a full-size pOET9CCAG, pOET9CMV, pOET9SV40 and pOET9EF1α. With a choice of four gene promoters, the pOET9 Selection Box provides the option for adaptability in the strength of gene expression.

pOET9 are baculovirus transfer vectors containing a mammalian-specific gene promoter flanked by sequences that facilitate homologous recombination with the baculovirus genome after co-transfection of insect cells. Using these promoters allows for genes to be expressed in mammalian cell lines (e.g. CHO and HEK) but prevents the baculovirus from replicating, thus making it one of the safest mammalian protein expression systems on the market. It has a bacterial origin of replication and an ampicillin resistance gene for selection in E. coli. The polh sequences have been replaced by a multiple cloning site (MCS) containing unique restriction enzyme sites for insertion of the foreign gene in the correct orientation. pOET9 is compatible with any baculovirus system that utilises homologous recombination in insect cells.

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