Recombinant Baculovirus Expression Kit


flashBAC GOLD (cat# 100200/100201/100202/100203) provides superior levels of expression for any protein that is destined for secretion or to be inserted in the membrane, or for proteins that might be particularly liable to degradation. flashBAC GOLD is a baculovirus expression vector that has been designed to reduce proteolysis, maximise protein secretion and improve membrane protein targeting. The deletion of the chiA (chitinase) gene from flashBAC GOLD has improved the efficacy of the secretory pathway whilst the absence of the v-cath (cathepsin) gene reduces the chance of the recombinant protein being degraded. This results in a greatly enhanced yield of recombinant proteins that are either secreted or membrane targeted when compared to recombinant viruses that encode chiA and v-cath.

Using the flashBAC™ system is easier and quicker than other baculovirus expression systems because there is no need to separate recombinant virus from parental virus by plaque-purification or any other means; only recombinant virus is produced after the co-transfection.  Because the production of recombinant virus has been reduced to a single step procedure in insect cells, it is amenable to high throughput and automated production systems.  However, it is also of benefit to the small research group requiring a low cost solution to producing one or a few recombinant baculoviruses prepared in individual dishes of cells.

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