baculoQUANT All-In-One Virus Extraction & Titration Kit


baculoQUANT All-In-One Virus Extraction & Titration Kit

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BaculoQUANT all-in-one is the fast and easy way to titre virus stocks using QPCR

Product Description

It is essential that for an accurate titre of virus be obtained to determine correct multiplicity of infection and to ensure optimal recombinant protein production. Traditionally, baculoviruses have been titrated by plaque assays or antibody based assay that requires 3-4 days.  OET has teamed up with Agilent Technologies to introduce a revolutionary QPCR-based, baculovirus DNA extraction and quantification kit, ‘baculoQUANT all-in-one’.  The kit contains reagents to extract viral DNA and determine accurate titres within hours.

Baculovirus quantification now made easier than ever with baculoQUANT all-in-one!
– No more plaque assays
– No more ELISA or immuno assays
– No more virus extraction spin columns

KEY FEATURES – baculoQUANT all-in-one
• Titre accuracy comparable to plaque assay method
• Less than one hour hands-on time
• Virus DNA extraction and titration in under three hours
• Compatible with any AcMNPV-based baculovirus system containing gp64 virus gene
• Single step virus DNA extraction: just add lysis solution (no spin columns)
• QPCR Primers/Probe provided as a single reagent mix: just add water
• Agilent high performance, ultra sensitive master mix reagent included
• Plaque-assay titrated virus internal standards included for standard curve generation
• 100 reaction kit allows for up to 24 titrations in triplicate with 3 standard curves.

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