baculoFECTIN II (cat# 300105/300106) is a non-toxic insect transfection reagent optimised for use in insect cells to enable successful transfection and produce high titres of recombinant viruses for subsequent amplification. Although optimised for insect cell lines such as Sf9, and Drosophila S2, the reagent will also work with other cell lines, including primary cells and various mammalian cell lines.  baculoFECTIN II consists of a positively charged polymer with DNA-binding capacity embedded into a novel porous nanoparticle. The complex’s unique size can be preferentially taken up by the cells whilst remaining protected by DNA degradation. The main benefits of baculoFECTIN II compared with conventional lipid-based products are that it has a quick, effective and easy protocol, from co-transfection to high titre seed stock. It is non-toxic so cell health and viability is maintained and the nanoparticle/polymer duplex optimizes entry into cells and stabilizes the DNA within transfected insect cells. Stable for up to a year when stored correctly, baculoFECTIN II is the perfect companion to our leading baculovirus expression system, flashBAC™.

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150μl, 1ml

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