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Introduction to the Baculovirus Expression System

Baculoviruses are in many respects an odd choice for use as an expression system to make recombinant proteins.  In their natural environment they infect insect larvae/caterpillars, which frequently results in the death of the host and its reduction to a puddle of progeny virus (Fig. 1).  They are also unusual in that they produce two structurally different forms in their life cycle. The first is a lipoprotein-enveloped particle that buds

Insect Cell Culture Media

Following on from our last blog we briefly describe insect cell culture media.  It used to be that all animal cell cultures depended on the addition of calf serum to a basal medium to ensure growth.  Insect cells were no exception, although it always seemed a little odd that mammalian serum could aid their propagation.  While insect cells were only used in basic research for the study of insect viruses

Expression Systems Media

Expression Systems Insect Cell Culture Media OET is pleased to offer a wide range of Expression Systems Insect cell culture media, from the very popular ESF 921, to specialized insect transfection media. Expression Systems’ media are easy to adapt your cells into and the insect specific media gives great protein yield, when compared to rival media. ESF 921 Insect Culture Media OET use ESF 921 for all in-house work, due