iCASE Studentship Vacancy

The Department of Biological & Medical Sciences has a fully-funded 4 year iCASE studentship starting September 2018. We welcome applications from final year Bioscience students expecting to graduate with a 2.i/1st or Master’s students.

This iCASE award is with Professor Linda King in the Insect Virology Research Group and is in collaboration with OBU spin-out company Oxford Expression Technologies Ltd, who are based in the Tonge Bioinnovation Hub and are providing a top up to the normal BBSRC bursary.

The studentship project involves studying the control of expression of baculovirus genes that are used to drive high levels of recombinant protein production in insect cells. The baculovirus expression system is used to make VLPs and other protein complexes as vaccines, however, baculovirus particles often co-purify with VLPs. This project aims to understand gene regulation so that we can potentially switch off core virus particle production during scale-up of protein production for vaccine use. The project provides good experience of a broad range of modern bioscience research techniques as well as their application in biotechnology.

Informal enquires to Prof King (laking@brookes.ac.uk). Applications should be made using the standard Oxford Brookes PhD application form and copied to postgraduate tutor dcarter@brookes.ac.uk. The deadline for applications is 9th March.

About the Oxford DTP 

The Oxford Interdisciplinary Bioscience Doctoral Training Partnership (http://www.biodtp.ox.ac.uk/) programme provides training for graduates from a life science or physical science background who wish to conduct leading edge bioscience research. Research areas within the programme include integrative animal and plant biology, mechanistic molecular and cellular biology, agriculture and food security, and industrial biotechnology and bioenergy.

You will undertake a four-year doctoral training programme (leading to in this case a PhD at Oxford Brookes). In your first term you are based at the Doctoral Training Centre (DTC) at the University of Oxford and undertake an individually-tailored training programme that includes training in research skills such as mathematics and statistics, programming, imaging and image analysis, bioinformatics, and modelling biological processes and systems. You will also undertake 2 x 3 month research projects and can also access a wide variety of additional training provided across the partnership (which includes Oxford Brookes) throughout your doctoral studies.

The DTP’s core training programme draws on expertise in all seven partner organisations and you will have the opportunity to visit different sites and learn about the facilities and expertise available across these organisations during the initial training phase.

Years 2-4 will be spent in the Insect Virus Research Group with about 6 months within OET Ltd.