flashBAC™ 5+1 offer

OET’s flashBAC™ 5 reaction kit ranges are some of our most popular products. However, recent feedback has revealed that some customers are reluctant to make use of the positive control transfer vector as this sacrifices 1 reaction and so reduces the number of their own viruses that they can produce.

In recognition of this issue, until further notice, we are increasing the amount of flashBAC™ DNA in all of our 5 reaction kits to a 5+1 format. This will be made available to both new and existing customers. Therefore, every time you use either flashBAC, flashBAC PRIME, flashBAC GOLD or flashBAC ULTRA, you can include the positive control transfer vector in a separate cotransfection and therefore generate a recombinant virus that produces beta-galactosidase. This is useful on three levels: (i) it allows you to monitor transfection success by adding X-gal to the cells, (ii) it gives you a positive control for virus amplification to check that your cells are behaving themselves, (iii) it also gives you a positive control for virus infection so that you recognise cytopathic effects and provides a control for any analysis you might perform on your own recombinant virus (eg. enzyme assays, ELISAs, PAGE and Western blots).

This offer only applies to the first 5 reaction kit in a single order. For more, click here to visit our OETips section of our website for tutorials, troubleshooting help and more. Otherwise feel free to contact our team who are always happy to help where ever we can, at info@oetltd.com.