In order to provide first class service for our US customers, OET offers it’s products and services in the US through three distributors, Genway Biotech Inc., Genemay Inc. and Mirus Bio


Genway Biotech Inc.                                                                             

Based in the heart of the Biotech cluster in San Diego, California, Genway provide an efficient and reliable service to supply all OET products to the American market. As a protein and antibody solutions provider, GenWay has a multi-functional technology platform specialized in using genes, proteins, antibodies, and their applications in cells, tissues and animal models, for functional genomics and proteomics. GenWay provides our customers or our future clients with an accessible and responsive system, which ensure your inquires or approach to them are smooth and successful. Genway partners with OET to provide a high quality and reliable service to our customers in the USA to ensure optimal access to OET’s range of baculovirus expression systems and related products.

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Genemay Inc.                                                                                     

Genemay is a biotechnology company that specialises in offering low cost, high quality, customisable, antibody services – manufacturing antibodies and their conjugates for biomedical research. Our collaborations and interactions with major research institutes and biotech companies both locally and globally help us keep abreast of new technological developments. GeneMay has over 14 years of experience providing world-class contract research services. We are dedicated to delivering exactly what you want, exactly when you need it, meeting or exceeding your specifications for speed and quality.

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Mirus Bio.                                                                                                       

Our work at Mirus Bio began with a passion for science. That passion continues today with a brand that reflects our commitment to deliver the best results, support, and technologies to scientists worldwide. It highlights innovative products that address the workflow and applications needed in today’s research. Expanding upon our expertise in transfection, Mirus has crafted a more comprehensive offering for nucleic acid delivery. With chemical transfection reagents, electroporation products and virus production and transduction products, we can now provide the optimal delivery systems for molecular and cell biology applications.

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