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Oxford Expression Technologies Ltd. (OET) has emerged from a collaboration between Oxford Brookes University and the Natural Environment Research Council. It provides products, services and consultancy to the global pharmaceutical and biotechnology industries from its base in Oxford, England, which has quickly become a world renowned centre of excellence for Baculovirus protein expression.

OET’s success has been built around our core technology, flashBACTM . flashBACTM is a one step high throughput Baculovirus based protein expression platform that enables fast and simultaneous production of multiple recombinant viruses suitable for small and large protein expression systems allowing scientists to produce proteins faster, more easily and cost-effectively.

OET will continue to branch out into other areas and applications of both insect and mammalian expression systems in order to broaden its portfolio. In particular OET has strong interests in novel applications such as Virus Like Particle production and the BacMam system, and is working in partnership with a number of other organisations.

In a short time its reputation has been forged as a world opinion leader and provider of products and services, contract consultancy and training for Baculovirus expression and is looking forward to even closer working relationships with the pharmaceutical and biotechnology industries to meet the needs of for high quality and cost-effective solutions for gene expression and protein production.

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