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When OET introduced the flashBAC baculovirus expression system, it made baculovirus based recombinant protein expression accessible to everyone. The key attributes that make this possible are...

*SIMPLICITY - 100% recombination efficiency means that no plaque purification is needed, making virus production a one step process

*SPEED - The flashBAC system needs no tedious screening or transposition steps. Get your amplified virus stock in 7-10 days!

*STABILITY - The flashBAC system is stable in long term storage or during scale up, meaning it can be used with confidence

*SUPERIORITY - The flashBAC system has been genetically optimized to deliver excellent recombinant protein yield and quality, including with membrane and secreted proteins

Since introducing the original flashBAC vector, we have innovated to introduce the enhanced flashBAC GOLD and flashBAC ULTRA vectors, and we have an active R&D programme to allow us deliver yet more improvements. Our active R&D effort has resulted in us publishing a number of papers in learned journals that describe our approach to improving the baculovirus expression vector system. The key references are -

* Possee, RD et al. Generation of baculovirus vectors for the high-throughput production of proteins in insect cells. Biotechnol Bioeng. 2008 Dec 15;101(6):1115-22.

* Hitchman, RB et al. Improved expression of secreted and membrane-targeted proteins in insect cells. Biotechnol Appl Biochem. 2010 Jun 21;56(3):85-93.

*Hitchman, RB et al. Genetic modification of a baculovirus vector for increased expression in insect cells. Cell Biol Toxicol. 2010 Feb;26(1):57-68.

For more information please also see our introductory overview, or our detailed user guide.


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